Zoom ZSG-1 On-Camera Mic

$139.00 NZD inc. GST

ZSG-1 Features

  • Directional Shotgun Microphone
  • Highly directional, off-axis rejection for focused pickup
  • Tailored frequency response for dialogue
  • An included, specially designed shock mount to reduce vibration and noise
  • Lightweight design for mobile use
  • 3.5mm output to connect to camera or phone

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Zoom ZSG-1

The Zoom ZSG-1 is an on-camera shotgun microphone designed for creators to elevate their audio. It’s lightweight and highly directional, providing great sound in a variety of content capture scenarios.

Camera Ready

For creators on-the-move, the lightweight ZSG-1 mounts to your camera’s hot shoe. Use the included 3.5 mm cable to connect to your camera and record high-quality audio directly to your video.

Phone Ready, Too

Phone cameras are great for 4K video, but the on-board microphones leave a lot to be desired. This shotgun mic will give you great sound, instantly elevating the quality of your social content and mobile videos.


The ZSG-1 can be used off-camera, with a boom pole or pistol grip. Plugged into a recorder, it’s a dynamic solution for capturing audio on location.

Focused Sound

With off-axis rejection and a tailored frequency response, the mono ZSG-1 is designed for highly directional audio, minimizing background noise. This is perfect for recording dialogue and creating sound effects.

Featherweight Construction

Weighing just 3.3 ounces, the ZSG-1 keeps your rig light, helping you to be as mobile as possible.

Shock Mount

Included with the ZSG-1 is a specially designed shock mount made to reduce handling noise and vibration.

Ready to Roll

The ZSG-1 comes with everything you need:

  • ZSG-1 Shotgun Microphone
  • SMM-3 Shock Mount
  • WSM-3 Windscreen
  • 3.5 mm stereo mini cable


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