Zoom IQ5 Stereo Microphone for IOS Device (White)

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Stereo microphone for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

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The Zoom iQ5 is a high-quality mid-side stereo condenser mic, perfect for recording music and compact enough to be slipped into your pocket. Simply connect it to the Lightning connector of your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and get ready to do some serious stereo recording any time, any place.

Precision gain control

The Zoom iQ5 makes it easy to get great sound no matter what kind of material you’re recording. Its analog-type MIC GAIN wheel allows you to dial in the perfect amount of gain for any recording application. Or choose one of three Auto Gain presets (Concert / Solo / Meeting) to automatically set the recording level for any given situation. You can also use the Zoom iQ5’s built-in Limiter to avoid input overloads.

Note: The Handy Recorder app is required to enable the Auto Gain function.

Precision gain control

Product Highlights

  • Mid Side Stereo Recording / MS Stereo Recording
  • Set Stereo Width to 90° or 120°
  • Adjust Raw M-S Data with Zoom iOS App
  • Fully Mono-Compatible
  • Set Gain Manually or Use Auto-Gain
  • Built-In Limiter to Avoid Input Overload
  • Rotates for Horizontal or Vertical Use
  • Headphone Jack Enables Direct Monitoring
  • Use Zoom App or Other Compatible App
  • For iOS Devices with Lightning Port


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