Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder

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Zoom Q8 Handy Video Recorder Records directly to SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards, up to 128GB, Battery life of more than 2 hours

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Think of the possibilities.
You’ve never seen—or heard—anything like it.

The Zoom Q8 marries high-definition video with high-resolution audio, making it the perfect camera for music and video creators everywhere. Its 160 degree wide-angle lens and digital zoom ensure that you’ll always capture the complete picture. Combine that with ZOOM’s groundbreaking interchangeable mic capsule system and two XLR-TRS combo inputs, and you have a world of audio options.

The Zoom Q8 comes with its own specially designed detachable X/Y microphone, yet it’s compatible with many Zoom microphone capsules. If you already use an H5 or H6, you can swap their capsules with the Q8 too. (* EXH-6 TRS/XLR Combo Capsule is not compatible with the Q8.)

The Q8 offers a large full-color LCD touchscreen for ease of use, along with a wealth of advanced features. Dual combo XLR/TRS inputs allow the connection of external microphones and line-level sources, and a built-in speaker and stereo Headphone/Line Out jack provide audio monitoring; there’s even an HDMI output for video monitoring.

Its high-quality 160-degree wide-angle lens and flexible mounting options mean that you can shoot high-def video anywhere you go. Plus, there’s a USB output that allows the Q8 to be interconnected with your computer so you can use it with your favorite streaming or editing software.

The Q8 delivers that same great Zoom sound quality you’ll find in all of our products, with support for high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz audio. It comes with a high-quality detachable X/Y microphone or you can connect different Zoom mic capsule.

A low-cut filter and foam windscreen allow you to eliminate low-frequency noise and rumble, and there are three Dynamics settings, as well as a built-in compressor and limiter. Audio can be recorded along with video, or the Q8 can be used as a standalone stereo or four-channel audio-only recorder.

Need a different POV? The Q8’s got you covered. Not only can it be attached to any standard tripod, it comes with a tripod-to-three-prong converter, so you can use it with every kind of action camera mount, too.

Take your Q8 onstage and mount it to your mic stand, amp, or drum kit. Shoot video from front row center and use the supplied stereo X/Y microphone to capture the audience experience. Or use the Q8 at the mixing position and record the feed from the board, as well as the sound of the room. Use multiple Q8s for a dramatic mix of different angles — the full-color touchscreen LCD is fully rotatable so you can always view your image regardless of camera positioning.

Zoom Q8 Features at a glance

– Records directly to SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards, up to 128GB
– High-quality 160° wide angle lens with selectable viewing angles (F 2.0/16.6mm)
– Uses a system of interchangeable audio input capsules that can be swapped out as easily as the lens of a camera
– Supplied detachable stereo X/Y microphone (XYQ-8)
– Compatible with all Zoom microphone capsules (sold separately)
– Full-color rotating LCD touchscreen
– Support for five HD video modes up to 2304 x 1296 pixels (3M HD) as well as two WVGA modes
– Frame rates of up to 60 fps for capturing fast-action video and slow-motion playback
– Three imaging sense options (AUTO/CONCERT/NIGHT) for use in all lighting environments
– Self timer
– Digital zoom
– Records video in MOV format (with or without audio)
– Records audio in AAC and WAV formats, up to 24-bit/96k
– Up to four tracks of simultaneous audio recording
– Two mic/line inputs with XLR/TRS combo connectors, each with selectable phantom power and -20dB pad
– Analog-style gain controls for each input
– Built-in audio mixer
– Stereo link function
– Built-in compressor, limiter, and leveler
– MS Matrix function converts Mid-Side signal from external mics to standard stereo
– Supplied foam windscreen and low-cut filter for the elimination of low-frequency noise and rumble
– Dedicated Headphone output / Line out
– Built-in speaker for fast monitoring
– HDMI video output for connection to HDTVs, selectable between NTSC and PAL
– USB interface for live streaming and data transfer to and from computer editing software
– Webcam and USB mic function for use with external devices such as computers and iPads (Apple Camera Connection Kit required)
– Direct monitoring for zero latency during use as a USB mic
– Compatible with USTREAM Producer, Flash live Media Encorder, Skype, and other popular streaming applications
– SD card reader function
– Rechargeable Li-Ion battery (chargeable via USB or optional AC adapter)
– Battery life of more than 2 hours
– Standard tripod mount
– Includes tripod-to-three-prong converter for compatibility with all action camera mounts

For further details, please visit: http://www.zoom.co.jp/products/q8


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