Zoom XYH-5 X/Y Mic Capsule for Zoom H5 & H6

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X/Y Capsule for Zoom H5 & H6 recorders

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Zoom XYH-5

The Zoom XYH-5 allows you to capture sounds louder, closer, and cleaner then you ever could before.

The Zoom XYH-5 X/Y microphone capsule provides two matched unidirectional condenser microphones set at a 90 degree angle.

These mics are housed within an advanced shockmount that employs rugged external mic wires and rubberized material to minimize vibration and handling noise, making the XYH-5 ideal for location videography and live broadcast/podcast applications.

The design of the XYH-5 also allows it to handle extremely loud sounds — 140 dB SPL, to be precise — making it perfect for capturing the sound of live rock concerts and for electronic news gathering.


From Jet Engine to Pin Dropping

At 140 decibels, the human ear is past the threshold of pain—it’s like standing less than 200 feet away from a jet engine. Yet the XYH-5 can withstand those kinds of extreme levels without distorting, while still capturing the subtlety of the softest sounds.


Product Highlights

  • Two, Matched, Unidirectional Microphones
  • Maximum SPL of 140dB
  • 90 Degree X/Y Angle
  • Studio, Live, Rehearsal, TV Broadcast
  • Stereo X/Y mic capsule for the Zoom H5 and H6 Handy Recorders as well as the Q8 Handy Video Recorder
  • Shockmounted to reduce vibration and handling noise
  • Ideal for loud rock concerts and ENG (Electronic Newsgathering)
  • Analog-style gain control for fast setting of input level
  • 5-volt preamp minimizes distortion even at high volumes


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